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Save time, make more money, grow and improve your business – I call that Bookkeeping Intelligence.


Every business is required by law to 'keep books'. Over and above this, keeping accurate records makes sound business sense.


What if you could also take that information and use it more effectively within your business? That would then help to give you a competitive advantage.

"If there is one thing that stands out having worked with Paul it is his drive to put the client first and at the very heart of any business decision. He's a knowledgeable operator and a good guy."

"I found Paul to be thoroughly professional and reliable in all my dealings with him, delivering on what he promised in a timely fashion. He has a friendly and approachable manner that makes him easy to do business with."

Many business owners are very successful at what they do. Too many, however, are currently being hamstrung by poor bookkeeping practices, unaware that a certified bookkeeper could remove the tiresome burden of disorganised records and help them plan responsibly for the future.


Bookkeeping Intelligence can take care of your bookkeeping needs, provide you with valuable information, and support you in getting more value out of your business.


I am based in Sidmouth and provide bookkeeping and consultancy services to businesses across the South of England. I undertake a free initial consultation to understand your needs. We then agree how I can help you comply with your legal requirement to produce “books” and at the same time use that information more effectively within your business.


Whether you are a sole trader who requires just a couple of hours a month, or a larger business needing someone on a more regular basis, I offer a range of services including general bookkeeping, VAT returns, management accounting, business advisory and health checks.


Practicing with a licence from the world's leading body for professional bookkeepers - the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers - you can be assured of a professional and accurate service.  


“Bookkeeping is a regulated profession and your business deserves the best. Always insist on a Certified Bookkeeper and verify their credentials.”

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